Academic Projects Completed

Name of the Student
Name of the Guide
Project Title
Department & Specialization : M.E. (EST)
Assistant Professor / EEE
GSM Based Generator Monitoring System for Steel Melting Shop (SMS)
Assistant Professor / EEE
Rescue Child from Bore well using Embedded System
Associate Professor / EEE
Analysis of Force in Human muscle using EMG in Hot Rolling Mill
4M.GowsalyaMr.M.Barathi Selvaraj,
Associate Professor / EEE
Design and Implementation of PLCC based Home Automation System
5K.Padma PriyaMr.P.Naveenkumar,
Assistant Professor / EEE
Monitoring and Controlling of Boiler Drum Parameters using labVIEW
6F.Parvez AhmedMr.P.Naveenkumar,
Assistant Professor / EEE
Centralized Monitoring and Controlling of Die Casting Process
Assistant Professor / EEE
Intelligent Real Time Surveillance CCTV Recording System
Assistant Professor / EEE
Automatic monitor and control of parameter in DC motor
Assistant Professor / EEE
An Automated way of Baking Process for Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD)
10M.SangeethaMrsS.Kalpana Devi,
Associate Professor / EEE
Embedded ECG Based Real Time Monitoring and Controlling of Driver Drowsiness Detection System
11K.Sri Dhivya KrishnanMr.M.Barathi Selvaraj,
Associate Professor / EEE
Analysis and Implementation of Semaphore Signalling in Railway Tracks
12M.SurekhaDr.N.Suthanthira Vanitha,
Professor & Head / EEE
Real Time System based Monitoring of Turbine Parameters and Protection System in Thermal Power Plant
Assistant Professor / EEE
GSM based Electric Energy Consumption Reporting in Steel Industry
14S.ThulasiramDr.N.Suthanthira Vanitha,
Professor & Head / EEE
Embedded System based Monitoring and Controlling Parameters in Die Casting Industry
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