Project Details 2013-14

Team Members
Title of the Project
1Mr.S.Maragatharaj, AP / ECE
Ms.M.Banu Chitra, AP / CSE
Digital Calendar
2Mr.P.Naveen kumar, AP / EEE
Mr.S.Gowtham, AP / EEE
Electricity Bill Calculator
3Mr.M.Dinesh Kumar, AP / ECE
Mr.K.Rajesh, AP / ECE
Automatic Irrigation System using UTLP
4Mr.M.Senthil Kumar, AP / CSE
Ms.M.Sathya, AP / CSE
E-polling system
5Mr.S.Mohanavel, AP / EEE
Ms.S.Anitha, AP / ECE
Discount Sale Marketing in UTLP
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