Engineering Practices Laboratory
Major Equipment
1 Assorted Electronic Components
2Electrical measuring instruments
3 Study purpose items: Iron box, fan and regulator, emergency lamp
4 Megger(250v/500v)
5Power Tools: (a) Range Finder (b) Digital Live-wire detector
Electric Circuits Laboratory
Electrical Circuits Laboratory
Major Equipments
1Regulated Power Supply : (0–15)V DC
2Function Generator : 1 MHz
3Single Phase Energy Meter
4Oscilloscope : 20 MHz
5Digital Storage Oscilloscope : 20 MHz
6Circuit Simulation Software
7AC/DC – Voltmeters
Electronics Laboratory
Electronics Laboratory
Major Equipments
1Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
2Function Generator
3Single Power Supply
4Dual Power Supply
5Decade Resistance Box
6Decade Capacitance Box
7Decade Inductance Box
9EDC type DC Ammeter & Voltmeter
10Digital Multimeter
Control and Instrumentation Laboratory
Control and Instrumentation Laboratory
Major Equipments
1Proportional Integral Derivative Controller Trainer Kit
2Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO)
3Strain Gauge Trainer Kit
4Position Control System Trainer Kit
5AC Synchro Transmitter & Receiver
6Three Phase Synchronous Induction Motor
7Flow measurement Trainer Kit
8Thermometer, Thermistor, Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD)
9Optical Sensors
10Air Foot Pump and Pressure Chamber : 30psi
11Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) : 30 MHZ and Function Generator : 2 MHZ
12Single Phase Auto Transformer
13IC Transistor Kit
Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory
Linear and Digital Integrated Circuits Laboratory
Major Equipments
1Dual (0-30V) Power Supply
2Cathode Ray Oscilloscope : 30MHz
3Function Generator : 1MHz
4IC Tester
5Computer with PSPICE Software
6Transformers / Auto Transformers
7Digital IC Trainer Kit
Electrical Machines Laboratory - I
Electrical Machines Laboratory – I
Major Equipments
1DC Series Motor / Generator
2DC Shunt Motor / Generator
3DC Compound Motor / Generator
4Three Phase Slip Ring Induction Motor
5Three Phase Synchronous Motor
6Three Phase Alternator
7Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
8Single Phase Induction Motor
10Rectifier Unit
Electrical Machines Laboratory - II
Electrical Machines Laboratory – II
Major Equipments
1Three Phase Slip Ring Motor
2Single / Three Phase Loading Rheostat
3Single / Three Phase Auto Transformer
4Three Phase Loading Inductor
5Single / Three Phase Transformer
6Three Phase Synchronous Induction Motor

7BLDC Motor
8Three Phase Alternator
9Three Phase Synchronous Motor
Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory
Microprocessors and Microcontroller Laboratory
Major Equipments
18085 Microprocessor Trainer
28051 Micro Controller Trainer Kit
38255 / 8251 / 8259 Interface boards
48279 Keyboard / Display Interface board
58254 Timer Counter
6ADC and DAC Card
7AC & DC Motor with Controller
8Traffic Light Control System
9Stepper Motor
Power Electronics laboratory
Power Electronics Laboratory
Major Equipments
2Single Phase SCR based Half / Fully Controlled Converter
3MOSFET based Step Up / Down Choppers
4IGBT based Single / Three Phase PWM Inverter Module
5Switched Mode Power Converter Module
6SCR &TRIAC based Single Phase AC Controller
7Cyclo Converter Trainer Kit
8Single Phase Auto Transformer
9LCR Meter, Isolation Transformer and Rheostats
Power System Simulation laboratory
Power System Simulation Laboratory
Major Equipments
1Personal Computer : Pentium-IV, 80 GB and 512 MB RAM
2Server : Pentium-IV, 80 GB
3High Speed Processor : 1 GB RAM
4Power System Simulation Software : Mathcad and MATLAB
5Compliers: C, C++, Visual Basic, VC++
6Laser Printer


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