Faculty produced 95% above result 2014-15


Faculty Name
Subject Name
1Mr. M.VinothEngineering Graphics
2Mr. V. S. ManigandanEngineering Graphics
3Mr. N.VenkateshEngineering Graphics
4Mr. S. PrasathEngineering Graphics
5Mrs. N. NarmadhaComputer aided Hazards Analysis
6Mrs. N. NarmadhaSafety in Mines
7Ms. S. SundaresanEnvironmental Safety
8Mrs. N. NarmadhaOHSAS 180008 ISO 14000
9Mrs. N. NarmadhaOccupational Health & Industrial Hygiene
10Dr. M. KarthikeyanFire Engineering and Explosion Control
11Mr. S. SundaresanReliability Engineering
12Mr.T. DheenathayalanTransport Safety
13Mr.T. DheenathayalanSafety in Engineering Industry
14Dr. H. Abdul ZubarPrincipal of Safety Management
15Dr. H. Abdul ZubarMaintainability Engineering
16Mr. A. KamalakkannanEngineering Graphics
17Mr. M. Vinoth KumarBasic Civil & Mechanical Engineering
18Mr. M. SenthilManufacturing technology – II
19Mr. M. SenthilApplied Hydraulic & pneumatics
20Mr. J. PrakashEngineering Mechanics
21Mrs. A. ElavarasiEngineering Mechanics
22Mrs. A. ElavarasiEngineering materials and metallurgy
23Mr. A. SelvakumarEngineering Mechanics
24Mr. V. S. ManigandanStrength of Materials
25Mr. N. VenkateshStrength of Materials
26Mr. M. A. RajeshkumarPrinciple of Management
27Mr. A. Chandra KumarAutomobile Engineering
28Mr. Devaraj VaratharajPower Plant Engineering
29Mr. V. S. ManigandanFinite Element Analysis
30Dr. H. Abdul ZubarTotal Quality Management
31Mr. N. VenkateshMaintenance Engineering
32Mr. J. RameshEngineering Graphics
33Mr. N. KarthickEngineering Graphics
34Mr. S. P. RajaEngineering Graphics
35Mr. Devaraj VaratharajEngineering Graphics
36Mr.T. DheenathayalanIndustrial safety health & environmental Acts
37Mr. S. Suresh BalajiBasic Civil & Mechanical Engineering
38Mr. S. Suresh BalajiDesign of Transmission system
39Mr. A. Chandra KumarAutomobile Engineering
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