Rare Books & Special Reports

S.NoName of the BookName of the PublisherName of the AuthorNo. of CopiesYear of Pub.
1Production Technology IICBP PublishersManian S S11986
2Repair of Metal-Cutting MachinesMIR Publishers; MoscowPekelis G11979
3FMS and Control of Machine ToolsMIR Publishers; MoscowRatmirov V11990
4Multiple Criteria Decision Support in Engineering DesignSpringer; BritainPratyush Sen11998
5Environmental EncyclopediaJaico Publishing House; New DelhiCunningham, William P22006
6Engineering Heat TransferNew Chand & Bros; RoorkeeGupta, C P11979
7Principles of Foundry TechnologyTata McGraw Hill; New DelhiJain P L11997
8Designing for Quality: An Introduction to the best of Taguchi and Western Methods of Statistical Experimental DesignChapman and Hall; LondonLochner, Robert H11990
9Automation, Production Systems and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing.PHI; New Delhi, 1998Groover, Mikell P11998
10Exploring the Unix System.CBS Publishers & Distributors; New Delhi, 1987Kochan, Stephen G11987
11Production Drawing.New Age International; New Delhi, 1997Narayana K L11997
12Handbook of Environmental Laws, Acts, Guidelines, Compliances & Standards. Vol 1BS Publications; HyderabadTrivedy, R K12005
13Handbook of Environmental Laws, Acts, Guidelines, Compliances & Standards. Vol 2BS Publications; HyderabadTrivedy, R K12005
14Twitter Power: How to dominate your market one tweet at a timeJohn Wiley; New DelhiComm, Joel12009
15Handbook of Environmental Laws, Acts, Guidelines, Compliances and Standards. Vol. 1BSP Publications; HyderabadTrivedy, R K22004
16Sustainable Development in Fragile Environment: An Operational Framework for Arid, Semi-Arid and Mountain AreasCentre for Environment Education; AhmedabadJodha N S11995
17AutoLISP in AutoCAD II: Language Description and ReferenceGalgotia Publications Pvt Ltd; New DelhiSchmidt, Jurg11992
18Fundamentals of Tool DesignPHI; New DelhiWilson, Frank W11987
19Innovation and Entre-Preneurship: Practice and PrinciplesAffiliated East-West Press; New DelhiDrucker, Peter F11991
20Handbook of Reliability EngineeringSpringer; New JerseyPham, Hoang12006
21A+ + Guide To Managing & Maintaining Your PCCengage Learning; New DelhiJean Andrews12007
22American foreign Policy: The Dynamics Of Chosie in The 21st centryWW Norton Company; LondonJentleson,Bruce W22007
23Principles of TelegraphyMedia Promoters & Publishers Pvt. Ltd.Nripendra N Biswas11986
24Field TheoryKhanna Publishers, Delhi.Gangadhar K A11990
25What's that Sound? Anin introducation to Rock and its HistoryWW Norton Company; LondonCovach,john12006
26We the people: An Introduction to American PoliticsWW Norton Company;LondanGinsberg,Benjamin12007
27Understanding MACD (Moving Average Convergence/ Divergence)East- West Center; HawaiAppel,Gerald12008
28Essential Readings in World politicsWW Norton Company;LondonMingst,Karen A12008
29The Management ProcessPHI, New Delhi.Sohrab R. Davar and Nusli R. Davar11987
30Engineering Colleges Entrance Examination Objective TypeStandard Publishers Distributors, New Delhi.Arun's Guide11986
31Doing Ethics: Moral Reasoning and Contemporary IssuesWW Norton Company;LondonVaughn, Lewis12008
32writing about MoviesWW Norton Company;LondonGocsik,Karen12006
33Looking at Movies: An Introduction to FilmWW Norton Company;LondonBarsam,Richard12007
34Industrial Engineering and Management S.Chand & Company LTD, DelhiKhanna O P11984
35Machine DrawingDhanpat Rai & Sons, Delhi.Bhatt N D11987
36Design Data Charotar Publishing House, Anand11985
37Computer Programming in Fortran IV Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, PSG College of Technology, CoimbatoreRajaraman V11985
38Looking at Movies: An Introduction to FilmWW Norton Company;LondonBarsam,Richard12007
39intermediate Microeconomics:A Modern ApproachWW Norton Company;LondonVarian,Hal R12006
40Cases in Comparative PoliticsWW Norton Company;LondonO'Neil,Patrick H2006
41Essential Comparative PoliticsWW Norton Company;LondonO'Neil,Patrick H22006
42Beyond The Last Blue MountainKhanna Publishers, Delhi.Lala R M11987
43A Matter of HonourPenguin BooksJeffrey Archer11993
44A History of Modern Europe Fro the Renaissance.Vol 1WW Norton Company;LondonMerriman,John12004
45Essentials OF International RelationsWW Nortion Company; LondonMingst,Karen A12008
46Psychological ScienceWW Norton Company; LondonGazzaniga, Michael S12007
47Year To SuccessWWW. Yeartosuccess. ComBennett, Bo12006
48The Real World: An Introduction To SociologyWW Norton Company; LondonFerris, Kerry2
49The Hindu Speaks on EducationKasturi & Sons; ChennaiThe Hindu12009
50Electronic Devices and CircuitsMc Graw HillJacob Millman11976
54CCNA™ Cisco® Certified Network Associate Study GuideBPB PublicationsTodd Lammle12002
55Illustrated Forpro 2.0BPB PublicationsRobert Granillo11992
56Inside the PCTechmediaPeter Norton's11999
57Introduction To Turbo PrologBPB PublicationsCarl Townsend11988
58Physical Design Automation of VLSI SystemsThe Benjamin Cummings Publishing Company Inc/ CaliforniaBryan Preas11988
59Gate Electrical EngineeringDhanpat Raj Pub; DelhiMini Sreejeth12009
60Bulk Electric Supply and DistributionGalgotia Booksource; GurgaonJain V K11987
61Health and Safety: A Guide for the newly AppointedCassell; New YorkMorris, John R11998
62Programming With PascalMc Graw HillGottfried S Byron11986
63An Outline of Business Organisation and ManagementBose J P1
64Fitting PracticeNew Central Book Agency, CalcuttaMakienko N I11983
65Maintenance Engineering HandbookMcGraw HillMobley, Keith R12008
66Interventions, Controls, and Applications in Occupational ErgonomicsCRC Press; Boca RatonMarras, William S12006
67Maintenance Theory of ReliabilitySpringer; LondonNakagawa, Tishio12005
68Product Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability HandbookCRC Press; Boca RatonPecht, Michael12009
69Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Vol - 2IIT DelhiVeeravalli S.V, Sanghi, Singh S.N11984
70Design Data PSG College1
71Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Vol - 1IIT DelhiVeeravalli S.V, Sanghi, Singh S.N11985
72Enterprise Resource PlanningIndian Institute of Technology, DelhiAlexis Leon1
73Applications of Cognitive Work AnalysisCRC Press; Boca RatonBisantz, Ann M12009
74Radiation Safety: Protection and Management for Homeland Security and Emergency ResponseJohn Wiley Sons Inc; New DelhiBurchfield, Larry A12009
75Electrical Safety HandbookMcGraw Hill; New YorkCadick, John12005
76Principles of Metal WorkingOxford & IBH Publishing; New DelhiSurendar Kumar11985
77An Introduction to Automatic TelephonyModern Book Agency Pvt LTDDas P N11985
78An Introduction to Manual TelephonyModern Book Agency Pvt LTDDas P N11985
79Disaster Management. Vol.1. Natural DisastersAPH Publishing Corporation; New DelhiSingh, K K12010
80Disaster Management. Vol.3. Manmade DisastersAPH Publishing Corporation; New DelhiSingh, K K12010
81Mechanical Principles and Systems for Industrial MaintenancePearson Education; New DelhiKnotek, Richard1
82Programming with Fortran 77A Structured ApproachWiley Eastern Limited Dhaliwal R S11989
83An Introduction to the Principles of Communication TheoryTMHJohn C Hancock11990
84An Introduction to Thyristors and Their ApplicationsAffiliated East - West Press Pvt. LTDRamamoorty M11991
85Collins English Dictionary.HarperCollins; Great BritainHarperCollins12007
86Academic American Encyclopaedia. A - Ang, Vol - 1Grolier International, USA11997
87Academic American Encyclopaedia. A - Ang - AZ, Vol - 2Grolier International, USA11997
88Academic American Encyclopaedia. B, Vol - 3Grolier International, USA11997
89Academic American Encyclopaedia. C - CIT, Vol - 4Grolier International, USA11997
90Academic American Encyclopaedia. CIT - CZ, Vol - 5Grolier International, USA11997
91Academic American Encyclopaedia. D, Vol - 6Grolier International, USA11997
92Academic American Encyclopaedia. E, Vol - 7Grolier International, USA11997
93Academic American Encyclopaedia. F, Vol - 8Grolier International, USA11997
94Academic American Encyclopaedia. G, Vol - 9Grolier International, USA11997
95Academic American Encyclopaedia. H, Vol - 10Grolier International, USA11997
96Academic American Encyclopaedia. I - J, Vol - 11Grolier International, USA11997
97Academic American Encyclopaedia. K - L, Vol - 12Grolier International, USA11997
98Academic American Encyclopaedia. M, Vol - 13Grolier International, USA11997
99Academic American Encyclopaedia. N - O, Vol - 14Grolier International, USA11997
100Academic American Encyclopaedia. P Vol - 15Grolier International, USA11997
101Academic American Encyclopaedia. Q - R, Vol - 16Grolier International, USA11997
102Academic American Encyclopaedia. S - SNO, Vol - 17Grolier International, USA11997
103Academic American Encyclopaedia. SNO - SZ, Vol - 18Grolier International, USA11997
104Academic American Encyclopaedia. T-U-V, Vol - 19Grolier International, USA11997
105Academic American Encyclopaedia. W-X-Y-Z, Vol - 20Grolier International, USA11997
106Academic American Encyclopaedia. INDEX, Vol - 21Grolier International, USA11997
107Disaster Management. Vol.1.A.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New DelhiGhosh G K12006
108Disaster Management. Vol.2A.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New DelhiGhosh G K12006
109Disaster Management. Vol.3A.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New DelhiGhosh G K12006
110Disaster Management. Vol.4A.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New DelhiGhosh G K12006
111Disaster Management. Vol.5A.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New DelhiGhosh G K12006
112Disaster Management. Vol.6A.P.H.Publishing Corporation; New DelhiGhosh G K12006
113A Text Book of Factory OrganisationSatya Prakashan, New Delhi.Banga T R11985
114Machine DesignKhanna Publishers, Delhi.Sundararaja Moorthy, Shanmugam 11983
115Elements of Workshop Technology Vol - II Machine ToolsKhanna Publishers, Delhi.Hajra Choudhury , Bose, Hajra Choudhury A.K11986
116Personnel Management (Management of Human Resources)Meida Promoters & Publishers,Bombay.Mamoria C B11986
117Hazardous Chemicals Safety and Compliance Handbook for the Metal Working IndustriesIndustrial Press Inc; New YorkPohanish, Richard P12006
118Reliability Wearout Mechanisms in Advanced CMOS TechnologiesJohn Wiley; New JerseyStrong, Alvin W12009
119Time-Saver Standards for Building Material & Systems: Design Criteria and Selection DataTMH; New DelhiWatson, Donald12009
120Safety Management & ISO 9000 / Qs - 9000Quality Resources; New YorkKozak, Robert J11997
121Wavelet-Based Vibration Control of Smart Buildings and BridgesCRC Press; Boca RatonAdeli, Hojjat12011
122Reliability of Transport NetworksResearch Studies Press Ltd; BaldockBell, Michael G H12000
123The Network Reliability of Transport: Proceedings of the ist International Symposium on Transportation Network Reliability (INSTR)Pergamon; OxfordBell, Michael G H12003
124A Text Book of Material Science and MetallurgyTata McGraw Hill,New DelhiKhanna O P11999
125Tool DesignS.Chand & Company LTD, DelhiCyril Donaldeon, George H. Lecain, Goold V C11985
126Fluid Mechanics and Fluid PowerAllied Publishers Limited, New DelhiMaiti B, Roy S, Dash S K, Som S K11989
127Safety Management Practices for Hazardous MaterialsMarcel Dekker Inc; New YorkCheremisinoff, Nicholas P11996
128Practical Guide to Industrial Safety: Methods for Process Safety Professionals.Marcel Dekker Inc; New YorkCheremisinoff, Nicholas P12001
129Hazard Analysis Techniques for System SafetyJohn Wiley; New JerseyEricson, Clifton12005
130CRC Handbook of Laboratory SafetyCRC Press; Boca RatonFurr, Keith A12010
131Disaster Management: Policy and AdministrationDeep & Deep Publications Pvt Ltd; New DelhiGoel S L12010
132Lubrication and Maintenance of Industrial Machinery: Best Practices and ReliabilityCRC Press; Boca RatonGresham, Robert M12009
133Statistical Quality Control for the Food IndustrySpringer; New yorkHubbard, Merton R12005
134Food Quality and SafetyCBS Publishers & Distributors; New DelhiPrem Kumar Jaiswal12009
135Violence Assessment and Intervention: The Practitioner's HandbookCRC Press; Boca RatonCawood, James S12009
136Statistical Process Control in Manufacturing PracticeMarcel Dekker Inc; New YorkKear, Fred W11998
137Accelerated Quality And Reliability SolutionsElsevier; LondonKlyatis, Lev M12006
138Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis: A Practical GuideMarcel Dekker Inc; New YorkModarres, Mohammad11999
139The Automotive Body Manufacturing Systems and ProcessesJohn Wiley; New JerseyOmar, Mohammed A12011
140Disaster Management: Global Challenges and Local SolutionsUniversities Press; HyderabadRajib Shaw12009
14121st Centry AstronomyWW Norton Company;LondonHester,Jeff12007
142Audel's Power Plant Engineers Guide.D.B.Taraporevala Sons & Co Pvt Ltd; Bombay, 1970Graham, Frank D11970
143Programming for Basic Oxford & IBH Publishing, CalcuttaSubramanian N11984
144Business Economicsa.h. Wheeler&Co., Private Limited, MadrasSankaran11985
145A Text book of Machine Drawing Progressive Corporation Pvt.Ltd.,Bomba - MadrasGupta R B11983
146Machine Drawing.Wiley Eastern Limited; New Delhi, 1994.Narayana K L11994
147Advanced AutoCAD: Release 12. Ed 3.BPB Publications; New Delhi, 1993Thomas, Robert M11993
148Introducing Systems Analysis and Design Volume 2Galgotia BooksourceLee11992
149MCSA / MCSE Exam 70 - 290: Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment Study Guide & DVD Training SystemSyngress PublishingChad Todd12003
150RDBMS Concepts With Oracle 8- Part IAptech Limited Aptech Limited11998
151Electromagnetic waves & Radiating SystemsPHIEdward C Jordan11990
152Probability and Expected ValueSultan Chand & Sons11985
153Machine Design Data book TMHLingaiah12010
154The Handbook of Optical Communication Networks CRC PUBHussein12013
155Designing the New American UniversityJohns Hopkins University Press,Michael M Grow & William B Dabars12015
156The other "F" World : How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entreprenaw put tailure to WorkJohn Danner Mark Co opersmith22015
157Genetically Modified Crops: Assessing SafetyTaylor & Francis; LondonAtherton, Keith T12002
158AutoCAD Release 13 Training Reference Guide: Step 3.Autodesk Training Center; ChennaiAutodesk Training Center11997
159Reliability Engineering and TechnologyMacMillan India Limited; DelhiGupta, A K11996
160Fitting PracticeMIR Publishers; MoscowMakienko N11987
161Object - Oriented Programming Using Turbo C++BPB PublicationsNorman E Smith2
162Principles of RefrigerationWiley Easten LimitedRoy j Dossat11991
163Problems on Heat TransferKhanna Publishers, Delhi.Chattopadhyay P11989
164Oil Hydraulics At The Service of MachinesMir Publishers,MascowLall B11983
165Geometrical Drawing for Art StudentsDurga Prasad, Yugal Kishor Baranwal Chhata Bazar, MuzaffarpurMorris I. H11978
166A Course in Heat & Mass TransferOrient Longman, CalcuttaArora S.C, Domkundwar S11984
167Principles of Fluid MechanicsDhanpat Rai & Sons, Delhi.Natarajan M K11987
168Heat and Mass TransferS.K.Kataria & Sons; DelhiKumar D S11997
169A Text Book of Engineering DrawingNataraajan K V11989
170Machine DrawingKhanna PublishersNagpal G R11994
171A Text Book of Engineering ChemistryHimalaya Publishing House, BombayUppal M M11980
172Industrial Engineering and Management Sultan Chand & Sons,DelhiBalasundaram K11982
173Solar Energy UtilizationEurasia Publishing, New DelhiRai G D11985
174Heat and Mass Transfer Data BookKhanna Publishers, Delhi.Kothandaraman C P, Subramanyan S11987
175Industrial HydraulicsPHI, New Delhi.John Pippenger, Tyler Hicks11985
176Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and ElectronicsMc Graw HILL, New Delhi.Theraja B L11980
177Handbook for Lathe Operators and ForemenMir Publishers,MascowLeizerson O11985
178The New Complete Medical and Health Encyclopedia Vol 1Pioneer House Ltd. London11997
179The New Complete Medical and Health Encyclopedia Vol 2Pioneer House Ltd. London11997
180The New Complete Medical and Health Encyclopedia Vol 3Pioneer House Ltd. London11997
181The New Complete Medical and Health Encyclopedia Vol 3Pioneer House Ltd. London11997
182Concise AtlasDK Publishers, Newdelhi12009
183Mechanical and Industrial MeasurementsAllied Publishers Limited, ChennailJain R K11999
184Strength of MaterialsMedia Promoters & Publishers ,Ramamrutham S11986
185Mechanical and Industrial MeasurementsOrient Longman, CalcuttaJain R K11984
186Automobile Engineering Vol - IS.Chand & Company LTD, DelhiKirpal Singh 11986
187The Master Story Teller Frederick Forsyth The DeceiverCoronet Books11987
188The NegotiatorCorgi BooksFrederick Forsyth11991
189HospitalArthur Hailey11979
190Frederick Forsyth The Negotiator1
191The Golden RoomCorgi Books India Book DistributorsIrving Wallace11989
192Words Confused and MisusedSphere Books LimitedMaurice H. Weseen1
193A Text book of Machine Drawing Pratheeba Publishers, CoimbatoreGupta R B1
194Elements of Workshop Technology Vol:I Manufacturing ProcessesSatya Prakashan, New Delhi.Hajra Choudhury S K, Hajra Choudhury A K11985
195Machine DrawingMedia Promoters & Publishers ,BombayBhatt N D11986
196Heat and Mass Transfer Data BookCharotar Publishing House, AnandKothandaraman C P, Subramanyan S11985
197Fundamentals of Tool DesignWiley Eastern Limited, MadrasFrank W. Wilson11986
198Elementary Engineering Drawing ( Plane and Solid Geometry)Young Man & Co, DelhiBhatt N D11987
199The 8051 Microcontroller Architecture, Programming & Applications Pentram International PublishingKenneth J. Ayala11996
200Production Planning Control and Industrial ManagementKhanna Publishers, Delhi.Jain K C, Aggarwal L.N12000
201Sales Management Theory and PracticePalgraveBill Donaldson11998
202Foundry Moulding Materials and PollutionNew Age International Pub,New Delhi.Datta G. L, K.B. De, Nag A12006
203Wastewater Engineering Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.Treatment, Disposal, Reuse11997
2041999 Indian EconomyHimalaya Publishing House,DelhiMisra S.K, Puri V.K11999
205Marine Electrical TechnolohySPD, Chennai.Elstan A. Fernandez12010
206Introduction to Digital Signal ProcessingPHI Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi.Johnny R. Johnson12001
207The Reader's Digest Great Encyclopaedic DictionaryThe Reader's Digest Association, London.11974
208WebSter's New Dictionary & Thesaurus Promotional Sales Books, Inc11995
209Operating Systems A Modern PerspectivePearson Education,Gary Nutt12002
210Web Warehousing and Knowledge ManagementTata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.Rob Mattison11999
211Network Analysis PHI Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi.Van Valkenburg M E11987
212ASP 3 Programming BibleWiley India (P) Ltd.,Eric A. Smith , MCSD12003
213Dr. Atkins Health Revolution Bantam Books, LondonRobert C. Atkins, 11990
214The Memoris of Elizabeth FrankensteinBantam Books, LondonTheodore. Roszak1
215Courts of LoveFontana / CollinsJean Plaidy11987
216The Love of my LifePan BooksLouise Douglas12008
217Material ScienceS., Chand Company Ltd, New Delhi.Khurmi R.S, Sedha R.S12003
218Elements of Power System AnalysisTata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.William D. Stevenson 11982
219Communication ElectronicsTata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.Deshpande N D, Deshpande, Rangole P K11994
220Systems ProgrammingTata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.John J. Donovan 12000
221Digital Techniques for Wideband ReceiversPHI Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi.James Tsui12005
222Electric Machines and Power Systems Volume - I Electric MachinesTata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.Syed A. Nasar`12002
223Power Transformers and Special TransformersKhanna Publishers, Delhi.Sunil S. Rao12007
224Reinforced Concrete Structures Volume IMIR Publishers - MoscowBalkov V, E. Sigalov11981
225Management of Organizational Behavior Utilizing Human ResourcesPHI Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi.Paul Hersey , Kenneth H. Blanchard, Dewey E. Johnson11998
226Fundamentals of Eletrical NetworksS., Chand Company Ltd, New Delhi.Gupta B R, Vandana Singhal11999
227Computer System Architecture PHI Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi.Morris Mano M12000
228Unix System Programming Using C++PHI Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi.Terrence Chan12001
229RF Engineering for Wireless Networks Hardware, Antennas, and PropagationNewnes An Imprint of ElsevierDaniel M. Dobkin12005
230Advanced Microprocessors and Peripherals Architecture, Programming and InterfacingTata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.Ray A K, Bhrchandi K M12004
231Telecommunications and The ComputerPHI Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi.James Martin12003
232Automotive Mechanics Kogkusha Company, LTD, Tokyo.Crouse 1
233Fundamentals of Engineering ThermodynamicsTata McGraw Hill, New YorkJohn R.Howell , Richard O. Buckius11987
234Design of Steel Structures Wheeler PublishingDayaratnam P11999
235Hughes Electrical TechnologyELBS with LongmanEdward Hughes11993
236Theory and Problems of Computer GraphicsSchaum's Outline Series,LondonRoy A. Plastock, Gordon Kalley11987
237An Integrated Approach ti Software EngineeringNarosa Pub, Chennai.Pankaj Jalote1
238Principles of Distributed Database SystemsPearson Education,Tamer Ozsu , Patrick Valduriez12002
239Opeartions Research / Resource Management TechniquesBharathi Institute of science and Technology, Chennai.Shanthi Sophia Bharathi11997
240Machine Tool Design Vol 2MIR PublishersFedotyonok A, Yermakov V11968
241Automatic Control SystemsKhanna Publishers, Delhi.Verma S N11990
242Computer System Architecture Prentice Hall of IndiaMorris Mano M11990
243Mechanical Engineering designMcgrahillJoseph Edward Shigley11989
244Computer NetworksMangus PublicationKokila D12013
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