Off – Campus Interviews

KIOT has got very good rapport with all the leading industries and is able to produce more than 90% placement for our students consistently. As a social responsibility, we also spread our wings to nearby region by conducting pooled off-campus placement drives for leading companies such as Wipro, IBM, Accenture, Verizon, CTS, Tech Mahindra, iNautix.  More than 130 such off-campus drives have been conducted for the students of polytechnic, arts and science and engineering colleges since 2009.  About 4500+ candidates of various colleges have got placement offers through our recruitment drives. The recruitment drives are conducted free of cost for all the participants.

Pooled Drive Details
No. of Companies (2016 – 2017)45
No. of Students Placed (2016 – 2017)719
No. of Companies (2009 – May 2016)120
No. of Students Placed (upto 2016 may)3799
Total No. of Companies165
Total No. of Students Placed4518


Name of the Company
Number of Registered Candidates
1wipro04.12.092010 BatchB.Sc, BCA603
2Nokia05.03.102010 BatchB.Sc & Diploma1376
3tcs22.05.102010 BatchB.Sc, BCA200
4wipro29.5.102010 BatchB.Sc, BCA160
5tech m28.7.102010 BatchB.Sc, BCA170
6wipro22.8.102010 BatchB.Sc, BCA40
7wipro16.10.102010 BatchB.Sc, BCA50
8Nokia20.10.102005-2010 Batch12th & ITI85
9wase15.12.102011 BatchB.Sc, BCA,BCM663
10bahwan04.01.20112011 BatchBE(CSE,EEE,E&I)422
11cognizant06,07.01.20112011 BatchB.Sc, BCA,BCM1743
12poornam08.01.20112008, 2009, 2010 BatchBE(CSE,ECE,EEE,E&I)101
13wase29,30-01.20112011 BatchB.Sc, BCA,BCM663
14cognizant16.02.20112010 BatchB.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/MCA750
15poornam18.02.20112008, 2009, 2010 BatchBE(CSE,ECE,EEE,E&I)400
16tcs23,24.02.20112011 BatchB.Sc & Diploma870
17csc02,03.03.20112011 BatchB.E/B.Tech/MCA/Diploma912
18verizon12 & 13.03.20112010 BatchB.E/B.Tech/MCA820
19hexaware9 & 10.04.20112009, 2010 BatchB.E/B.Tech/MCA930
20rane05.05.201110th, 12th, ITI & Diploma100
21poornam11,12.05.20112011 BatchB.E/B.Tech560
22smart14.06.20112010 BatchB.E/B.Tech/
23wipro30.6.2011 1.07.20112011
25verizon2,3 & 4.09.20112011B.E/B.Tech/MCA963
26bahwan18.01.20122012B.E (ECE,CSE,EEE) / B.Tech (IT)875
27mahindra finance06.02.20122012B.A/B.Com/B.B.A/B.Com(CA)700
28wase10.02.20122012B.Sc. (CS / IT / Electronics / Physics / Mathematics / Statistics) / BCA / BCM283
10.02.20122012B.Sc (Chemistry / Biochemistry / Microbiology / Biotechnology Zoology / Biology)382
30poornam17.02.2012, 18.02.20122012B.E (ECE,CSE,E&I) / B.Tech (IT)1120
31Nokia07.03.2012201,020,112,012Diploma(ECE,MECH ,EEE) & ITI568
32gkn10.03.20122010, 2011 & 2012DME178
35hcl comnet23,24,25.08.20122012B.E.CSE/ECE/EEE/EIE1042
36data pattern27.09.20122011 & 2012DEEE, DECE21
38flextronics15.12.20122012B.E.(EEE,ECE,MECH, Production)1436
39poornam08.02.2013 to 10.02.20132012 & 2013B.E.CSE/ECE2000
44digital nirvana22.04.20132013B.E. CSE, ECE,1750
45data pattern08.06.20132013B.E. CSE, ECE,EEE, E&I1673
46ss4u17.08.20132012, 2013B.E. CSE, B.TECH(IT), MCA500
47data pattern18.01.20142012 & 2013DEEE, DECE25
48nttdata11.12.20132014B.Com, BCA, BBA, B.Sc (All Major)1000
49hexaware25.01.20142012 & 2013B.Sc(CS), BCA, B.Sc(IT), B.Sc (CT)1750
50cognizant27,28.02.2014 & 01, 03.03.20142014B.Sc, BCA3000
514i22.03.20142014B.Com, M.Com1000
52ofs17.04.20142014B.E ECE, CSE, IT1500
53hexaware04.05.20142014B.E ECE, CSE, IT2000
54wipro18.05.20142014B.Sc(CS), BCA, B.Sc(IT), B.Sc (CT)4000
55hcl18.06.20142014B.E(CSE,ECE,EEE,E&I) / BCA, B.Sc(IT, Physics, Maths)9000
56tcs21, 22.06.20142014B.Sc (CS/IT/Physics/Maths/Electronics/Computer Application) / BCA / BCS4000
57vinayak10.10.2014 & 11.10.20142015B.Sc (CS/IT/Physics/Maths/Electronics/Computer Application) / BCA / BCS900
59vinayak10.10.2014 & 11.10.20142015B.E (ECE, CSE), Diploma (CSE, IT & ECE)1500
60inautix16.10.2014 & 17.10.20142014B.E ECE, CSE, EEE4000
61careervita08.10.20142014, 2015B.E ( All Department), MBA3500
62ss4u06.12.20142014B.E ECE, CSE, EEE, MCA400
63cognizant16.12.2014 & 18.12.20142015B.Sc(All Stream), BCA9865
64Shree Abirami Engineering Works19.12.20142015DEEE87
65hexaware20.12.2014 to 22.12.20142012, 2013 & 2014B.Sc(CS), BCA, B.Sc(IT), B.Sc(CT)1500
66hexaware20.12.2014 to 22.12.20142014B.E.(CSE, ECE, EEE & EIE), B.Tech(IT), MCA9500
67wipro08.01.2015 to 09.01.20152015MCA8000
68kgfsl24.01.20152015B.E.(CSE), B.Tech(IT), MCA6000
69hcl06.02.20152013, 2014, 2015B.Sc (All Streams) / BCA /BBA / B.Com/ BCS3000
70indo07.02.20152015B.E. (MECH)110
71mgage17.02.20152015B.E. (CSE, ECE & IT)130
72gkn19.02.2015 to 20.02.20152015Diploma (MECH, Automobile)800
73hakuna23.02.20152014B.E. (CSE, ECE & IT)700
74tech m27.02.20152015B.Sc (All Streams) / BCA /BBA / B.Com/ BCS6000
75ibm15.03.20152013, 2014B.E.(CSE, ECE, EEE & EIE), B.Tech(IT), MCA10,000
77aveon12.05.20152015B.E(CSE) & B.Tech(IT)450
79britania25.05.20152015Diploma, ITI , 10th & 12th100
80tcs10.06.20152015B.Sc(All Streams), BCA,BCS (2013, 2014 & 2015)180
81scope17.06.20152015B.Tech(Bio chemistry, Bio technology, Chemeical engineering) B.Sc ( Chemistry, Physics & Micro biology) 90
82amazon26.06.20152015B.E,B.Tech All Streams400
83ss4u02.07.20152015B.E(CSE), B.Tech(IT)100
84scope04.07.20152015B.Tech(Bio chemistry, Bio technology, Chemeical engineering) B.Sc ( Chemistry, Physics & Micro biology)50
87tech m04.09.20152016B.Sc (All Streams) / BCA /BBA / B.Com/ BCS2750
88ericsson19.09.20152014, 2015B.E/ B.Tech(ECE/EEE/E&I)1900
89CP Aqua05.10.20152015B.Sc [chemistry, bio chemistry, bio technology, statistics], M.Sc500
90hexaware29.10.20152016B.E/ B.Tech(ECE/EEE/CSE)1010
92iws19.12.20152014, 2015B.E (CSE/ECE/EEE)400
93accel28.12.20152013, 2014B.E/ B.Tech(ECE/EEE/CSE)600
94multivista28.12.2015B.E (MECH), Diploma (MECH)200
95ofs29.12.20152016B.E (CSE, ECE, EEE)5200
96mphasis05.01.20162016B.E (CSE, ECE)1200
97may softech13.01.20162015CIVIL75
98st20.01.20162014, 2015BBA,B.COM, B.A, B.Sc(All Branches except Microbiology, Bio Technology, Bio Physics), MBA50
99rs27.01.20162014, 2015B.E (EEE, MECH), DIPLOMA (EEE, MECH)582
100wipro28.01.20162016B.SC(CS), B.COM(CA), BCA9000
101cgi30.01.20162015B.E (CSE, ECE, I&S, TELECOM) / B.TECH(IT) / MCA5175
102kgfsl05.02.20162016B.E (CSE)1700
103cognizant06.02.20162015B.E (All Streams)12713
104collabra09.02.20162016B.E / B.TECH (All streams)2400
105pothigai13.02.20162015B.E (EEE)2050
106charoen19.02.20162016, 2015 & 2014B.Sc./M.Sc. (Aquaculture, Zoology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology/Applied Microbiology), M.Sc. Statistics550
107mphasis19.02.20162016B.Sc. / M.Sc (Aquaculture, Bio Chemistry, Bio Technology, Micro Biology/Applied Micro Biology), M.Sc(Statistics),B.E (EEE)4200
108Glenwood21.02.20162016B.E. / B.Tech / M.E. / M.Tech – Computer Science / IT, M.Sc. – Computer Science / IT / Software Engineering, MCA630
109technosoft04.03.20162016Arts & Science All Streams730
110hakuna07.03.20162016B.E. / B.Tech (EEE/CSE/ECE/IT)900
111mobius08.03.20162016B.COM, B.A., B.E. / B.Tech (EEE/CSE/ECE/IT)1500
112cognizant13.03.2016 & 14.03.20162015B.E (All Streams)12713
113britania19.03.20162015DIPLOMA (EEE, MECH)250
114hgs23.03.20162015B.E. / B.Tech (EEE/CSE/ECE/IT)150
115ibm11.04.2016 & 12.04.20162014, 2015B.E (CSE), B.TECH (IT), M.E (CSE), M.TECH(IT), MCA6648
116cgi20.05.20162015B.E (CSE, ECE, E&I, TELECOM) / B.TECH(IT) / MCA5815
117sopra25.05.20162016B.E (CSE), B.TECH(IT) & MCA890
118scope26.05.20162015B.Tech(Bio chemistry, Bio technology, Chemeical engineering) B.Sc ( Chemistry, Physics & Micro biology)150
119cgi27.05.20162015B.E (CSE, ECE, E&I, TELECOM) / B.TECH(IT) / MCA3832
120accel28.05.20162014 & 2015B.E (CSE, ECE) / B.TECH(IT)942
121ss4u04.06.20162016B.E (CSE, IT) & MCA396
122mphasis07.06.20162015 & 2016B.E (All Streams)1515
123Lear12.07.20162016B.E (EEE & MECH)150
124Core23.07.20162014, 2015 & 2016B.E(ECE,EEE,MECH,CSE & E&I)75
125Core30.07.20162014, 2015 & 2016B.E(ECE,EEE,MECH,CSE & E&I)109
126mphone19.08.20162014, 2015 & 2016B.E (CSE, IT, EEE & ECE), MBA, Diploma (CSE, IT, EEE & ECE), Any Degree324
127maintec20.08.20162014, 2015 & 2016B.Sc (Physics,Chemistry,Maths & Comp.Sci.)/BCA925
B.E(All Streams Except Chemical &
Biotech), B.Tech (IT), M.C.A
128teknoturf20.08.20162015B.E (CSE), B.TECH (IT), M.E (CSE), M.TECH(IT), MCA75
129ibm22.08.2016 & 23.08.20162014, 2015B.E (CSE), B.TECH (IT), M.E (CSE), M.TECH(IT), MCA6648(59)
130ss4u27.08.20162016B.E (CSE, IT) & MCA125
131aspire27.08.20162017B.E (CSE, ECE & EEE)118 (3)
132mphone14.09.20162014, 2015 & 2016B.E (CSE, IT, EEE & ECE), MBA, Diploma (CSE, IT, EEE & ECE), Any Degree252
133maintec15.09.20162014, 2015 & 2016B.Sc (Physics,Chemistry,Maths & Comp.Sci.)/BCA836
B.E(All Streams Except Chemical &
Biotech), B.Tech (IT), M.C.A
134technosoft24.09.20162016B.E (CSE), B.TECH (IT), MCA , B.Sc(CS), Diploma (CS)1110 (20)
135teknoturf24.09.20162016B.E (CSE), B.TECH (IT), M.E (CSE), M.TECH(IT), MCA129
136ss4u24.09.20162016B.E (CSE, IT) & MCA106
137maintec24.09.20162016B.Sc (CS), BCA236
B.E(All Streams Except Chemical &
Biotech), B.Tech (IT), M.C.A
138kaar28.09.20162017B.E / B. Tech – CSE, IT840
139windcare15.10.20162015 & 2016B.E (MECH & EEE)170
140teknoturf19.10.20162015 & 2016B.E / B.TECH / M.E / M.TECH / MCA & M.Sc (All Streams except bio-related courses)2410
141maintec19.10.20162015 & 2016B.Sc (CS), BCA6
B.E(All Streams Except Chemical &
Biotech), B.Tech (IT), M.C.A
142cognizant19.10.20162015 & 2016B.E (All Streams Except Bio related Courses)575
14319.10.20162015 & 2016B.E / B.TECH (EEE, ECE, CSE & IT)15
144vitezove24.10.20162016 & 2017Diploma (MECH)450
145hcl19.11.20162014, 2015 & 2016B.E / B.TECH, BA, B.Com., B.Sc, BBA, BCA (All Streams)1750
146quest29.11.20162017B.E (CSE)420
147appranix19.12.20162017B.E (CSE, ECE & EEE)420
148hcl21.12.20162017Diploma (MECH)390
149hcl21.12.2016 & 22.12.20162016 & 2017B.Sc(CS, IT) & MCA918
150kgfsl23.12.20162017B.E / B.TECH (CSE, IT, SS, CS), M.Sc & MCA470
151TEL24.12.20162017Diploma (MECH, Automobile) 360
152ofs28.12.20162017B.E (CSE, ECE & EEE)340
153vinayak05.01.20172017B.Sc (CS, IT, SE), BCA298
MCA, M.Sc (CS, IT, SE) 65% in X, XII, UG & PG
154gkn28.01.2017 & 29.01.20172016 & 2017Diploma (MECH, Production & Automotive)725
155gkn28.01.2017 & 29.01.20172015 & 2016B.E (MECH & Automobile)540
156krossark28.01.20172017B.Sc (CS, IT), BCA279
MCA, M.Sc (CS, IT) 65% in X, XII, UG & PG
157mphasis02.02.20172017B.Sc (CS, IT), BCA340
MCA, M.Sc (CS, IT)
158hcl07.02.20172013, 2014, 2015 & 2016B.E. / B.Tech / M.E./ M.Tech (Computer Science)  & MCA120
159teknoturf15.02.20172016B.E / B.TECH / M.E / M.TECH / MCA & M.Sc (All Streams except bio-related courses)105
160ibm16.02.2017, 17.02.2017 & 18.02.20172015 & 2016B.E / B.TECH , M.E / M.TECH & MCA 3575
(CSE, IT, ISE, SE, CSIS, CT, Computer Technology and Application, Computer Applications in Industrial Drives, Data engineering, Information Security, Software Systems, Web Technology)
161krossark25.02.20172017B.E,B.Tech(All Branches),BCA / B.Sc (CS / IT / CA / Physics / Maths) / M.Sc (CS / IT / CA) / MCA320
162vinayak28.02.20172015 & 2016B.E / B.Tech / MCA / M.Sc (CS,IT) / B.Sc (CS,IT,SE), BCA215
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