Sl.No. Date Nature of the Program/Event Name of the Program Resource Person
  1. 13.07.2018 to 14.07.2018 National Level BAJA SAE INDIA (Virtual round) Venue: Chitkara University Punjab Dr. PAWAN GOENKA, Managing Director Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
2. 27.08.2018  to 03.09.2018 National Level FSS India Venue: Kari Motor Speedways, Coimbatore. FSS FMEA Incharge
3. 06.03.2019 39 th Position at National Level   *06 th  Position at StateLevel   *01 th Position at District Level “BAJA SAE INDIA at IIT Ropar”   “BAJA SAE INCHARGEs
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