Sports Club

Major Objectives1.      To provide students, faculty, and staff the opportunity for instruction and participation in a wide variety of sports of which one may develop sound, lifelong leisure values.
2.       To develop an appreciation of the concepts of fair play, honest competition and good sportsmanship.
3.      To provide healthy competition through inter-school and inter-house matches.
4.      To develop and sustain high quality competitive school teams with a particular emphasis on the major sports.
5.       To ensure that every pupil can maximize their sporting potential and find a sport that they can enjoy and participate in with some success.
Co-ordinated Mr.V.Kumaravel, M.P.Ed., M.Phil.,
Director of Physical Education/KIOT
Faculty Head1)      Mr.P.Madheswaren, AP/S&H
2)      Mrs.R.D. Devi, Physical Directress
Faculty Incharges1)      Mr.V.S.Manigandan, AP/MECH
2)      Mr.M.Baranidharan, AP/ECE
3)      Mr.E.Raja, AP/EEE
4)      Mr.R.Karthick, AP/CSE
5)      Mr.S.Pradeepkumar, AP/CIVIL
6)      Mr.G.S.Sivagurunathan, AP/S&H
7)      Ms.P.S.Sudharsana, AP/ECE
8)      Mrs.A.Saritha, AP/S&H
9)      Ms.T.Devika, AP/EEE
10)  Ms.P.Malarvizhi, AP/CSE
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