VIP Impressions

Industry Impressions
Amazon Kindle, Chennai
Date of Visit30.04.2016

"I found the management and faculty extremely dedicated on talent development. They have very good mechanisms to drive students education and bring out innovative ideas. There is a strong bonding between students, faculty and management. I wish KIOT to continue their successful journey and become one of the top institutes in India. Thank you for inviting me and I enjoyed every moment in this college."

PhotoImpressionM.V.Ramana Murthy,
Director - R&D Operations,
Ericsson India Global Services, Bangalore.
Date of Visit15.03.2016

"An excellent institution for young minds to develop themselves. Extremely committed faculty and management" who could shape the lives of many budding engineers. Wishing KIOT the very best in achieving its vision!!"

PhotoImpressionArruthra Venugopal,
Program Manager,
Tech Mahindra, Chennai.
Date of Visit06.04.2015

While I started to write this page, I'm truly loss of words. Very amazed to see a college being started by a group of Professors with like mindedness to take this institution to the next level. The fundamentals are very strong and I’m sure this institution is going to go places. With just 6 years of starting and being the 2nd graduation day, the growth of KIOT is commendable. I wish each and every one associated with KIOT, all the very best for their future endeavors.

PhotoImpressionMrs.Hema Gopal,
Vice President,
Tata Consultancy Services,
Date of Visit27.03.2015

I had the privilege of attending 6th Annual day of a budding "MIT - USA" in the name of KIOT. Very committed and visionary management, excellent team of the ‘able’ principal who has brought thought leadership. The HODs, staff and other support personnel made it a great experience of emanating vibrance and knowledge to make India super power. This institute will go great heights and leap forward to establish its class in the all-round development of society by producing best talent. This day was great!! Best wishes.

Director - Technology Excellence Group,
QuEST Global Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
Date of Visit03.10.2015
1. At the first place KIOT is founded by academic professors who are extremely passionate in (i) Imparting academic excellence (ii) Make the students readily employable.
2. KIOT has got very good industry connect programs.
PhotoImpressionD. Ravi Kumar,
Head - Global Resourcing,
QuEST Global Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
Date of Visit03.10.2015

KIOT impressed me more than my imagination. Compared with other engineering colleges within Tamilnadu where hundreds of colleges every nook and corner, KIOT stands tall and clearly differentiated.
1. Discipline and humble nature of the overall institution culture.
2. Seriousness of the principal and faculty to committed educational values.
3. Ethics and values being taught at an early stage of the student’s journey.
4. All projects are associated with a social cause that impresses any innovator.
All in all it's an eye opener and wonderful experience to come and meet the best academicians at KIOT. All the best!

PhotoImpressionJude Xavier,
Senior Director & Head - HR,
Technosoft, Chennai
Date of Visit11.09.2015

My first visit to Knowledge Institute today for the National Level Symposium made me to understand the complete operation of the Institute and the service they render to the society and students. The Institute is very structured in terms of infrastructure, curricular and extra–curricular activities for students. It is a very friendly atmosphere for both students and faculty. The environment looks very healthy right from management, faculty and students. I went through the career development programs they have designed for improving students technical and soft skills which is very structured and progress driven. Well qualified faculties are appointed and good career development plan designed for them. The students are very talented and I could see their potential and talents in their video presentation. Overall this institute is a best place and platform for their overall development.

Chief Mentor - Hexavarsity,
Hexaware Technologies
Date of Visit31.01.2015

I am very happy to be back at KIOT to address the students. I had a great time interacting with students. Their audience behavior was great, good eye contact, good response and an excellent Q&A session. The college has a benevolent principal with a vision. Will love to take some classes in Math & Computer Science. I wish the institute a great future.

CEO, JSW Steel Salem.
Date of Visit09.05.2015

"Visited the campus in 09.05.2015 during the National Conference. Happy to note the enthusiasm at all levels. Led by the Principal, this team will do wonders in the near future. New thinking to reduce the Industry Institution gap. I wish them all the best!"

PhotoImpressionA K Pattabiraman,
Head - Accreditation Process for Southern India,
Tata Consultancy Services.
Date of Visit24.03.2014

The Institute day was impeccably organized with considerable professional finesse. Everything was methodical. Student’s project displayed contained many socially relevant and technological solved issues, I found considerable enthusiasm all round. Dynamic and farsighted leadership is able to inspire all. All the best.

PhotoImpressionVenkat Nagarajan,
Tech Mahindra
Date of Visit10.10.2014

Very glad to address the young minds during KNOWMEET 2K14. It was a pleasure to get introduced to the principal. Feel humbled to know the leadership and thoughts behind his vision. It was very refreshing to meet the academic crew and students away from the hassles of industry life. Good luck to the college on its journey to reach and scale new heights. All the very best to the student community and hope they bring a brighter future for the society and nation as a whole.

Deputy General Manager - Human Resources,
Renault Nissan India
Date of Visit01.11.2014

I am very much happy about, the interaction with your students. Really the students have potential, knowledgeable. I wish them very successful in good placement in the coming future.

Software Development Manager, Kindle,
Amazon Development Centre, Chennai
Date of Visit26.02.2013

It was pleasure and privilege to be here at KIOT. Particularly, I am impressed at the level of training given on soft skills like communication, discipline and ethics. Also the placement record of the first batch is the testimonial of the teaching here. Will be happy to come here again and interact with the students.

Managing Director,
Hunter Douglas, Chennai.
Date of Visit26.08.2013

Pleasant surprise to visit an institute with giving importance to wholesome development to students. Energetic teachers and visionary leaders for sure will take their institute beyond all boundaries. My best wishes.

PhotoImpressionMr.Senthil Kumaran,
HCL Technologies, Chennai.
Date of Visit01.02.2012

Pleasure to be in KIOT. Impressed with your vision and commitment to build world class engineering institute. My best wishes for the same.

Consultant & Academic Relationship Manager, Mission 10x initiatives,
Wipro Technologies, Chennai
Date of Visit16.05.2009

Happy to note that academicians with vast experience have come together to start an educational institution of excellence that has a vision to produce world-class “Employable” Engineers. My best wishes to the entire team at KIOT!

PhotoImpressionMr. Mathi Natarajan,
SAP Analyst,
T- Mobile USA INC, Seattle
Date of Visit02.07.2009

It’s been a pleasure to visit KIOT campus. Really happy to see Prof.PSS.Srinivasan & Team creating a unique college with a value for knowledge and excellence. I wish the entire KIOT team to be successful and produce engineers with ingenuity and creativity.

Academic Impressions
VIT University, Vellore.
Date of Visit06.04.2015

I had the opportunity to participate in the graduation function of Knowledge Institute of Technology today. This is a promising and upcoming engineering institution founded by a group of committed teachers. The quality of education in very good. The future of this institution is very bright.

PhotoImpressionK.Radhakrishnan, IPS
Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), Tamil Nadu
Date of Visit28.02.2015

It was a great experience to have interacted with the Achievers of KIOT today. The lofty indents – fivefold – for which the college was instituted are noble. The heights reached by the college in a short span of six years are mind–boggling and credit goes to the Principal, Management and the teachers. It’s all the more heartening that the students are very innovative and have come out with new ideas and projects to grapple with the contemporary problems such as energy, pollution, etc. I am deeply impressed by the social consciousness of the students as well. I wish the management to succeed in the years ahead to create well rounded personalities on this great campus. I wish management teachers and students all the great success year after year so that this institution blossoms into a center of great learning and excellence.

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.
Date of Visit30.03.2014

Graduation Day – 1st - at KIOT. It will be an understatement if I say that the graduation ceremony was very impressive. Actually, I am very very pleased and also proud of what my student Dr.PSS.Srinivasan and his friends and colleagues have done. Starting from scratch, they have set up KIOT and KBS. In the first batch itself, they have created graduates who are very good academically and also are very employable – as indicated by the placement record. Most of the required infrastructure is in place and interactions of a formal kind with industry have commenced. Congratulations to PSS and his colleagues and friends for doing the job exceedingly well. I am sure they will continue to work like they have been in past and that KIOT will become a great institute in future. All the best !

PhotoImpressionDr.Sridhar Krishnan,
Professor and Associate Dean,
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
Ryerson University, Canada
Date of Visit19.08.2013

It was a great pleasure to visit KIOT and present a talk and interact with the students. Students are very inspiring and seem to enjoy the open minded concept of the institution. Hearty congrats to Dr.Srinivasan and his colleagues for an outstanding momentum and growth created for the institution. All the best!

PhotoImpressionDr.V.Lakshmi Naraosimhan
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
East Carolina University, Greenville, USA.
Date of Visit28.01.2013

The students are inquisitive and are able to interact well with the visitors. The staffs are friendly and cohesive in their interactions, planning and attitudes. The leadership is excellent. More than all of the above the toilets are clean. A clean toilet a great indicator of a clean mind and environment. Keep up the good work.

Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
Date of Visit20.01.2013

I am extremely delighted to have visited KIOT. I know Prof.PSS.Srinivasan for a long time and quite impressed by his vision to develop a very high quality teaching and research institution. All the trustees are exuberant and full of vigor and enthusiasm. I am sure this zeal and sincerity of purpose will propel KIOT to great heights. KIOT brings in a paradigm shift in institution building and brings in freshness and hope. I wish KIOT the very best in all its endeavors.

PhotoImpressionV.Irai Anbu, IAS
Principal Secretary,
Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms,
Fort St.George, Chennai.
Date of Visit07.07.2013

The commitment and the interest of the management, Principal and Faculty members are incredible. The institution has been built with a purpose to make real technologists with a vision. The facilities are excellent and the approach is wholesome.
I am sure it will blossom into a great center for learning in years to come. All the best.

Vijay TV – Neeya – Naana,
CEO, Taalkshop Academy
Date of Visit12.08.2013

An institution with a clean and constructive vision and strongly believe in making positive changes in the society. My best wishes.

Assistant Professor,
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
Date of Visit21.11.2011

I went around the institute. The facilities created and under progress are very impressive for an engineering institute started just 3 years ago. I wish the management, administration, faculty and students a great success!

Former Vice Chancellor,
Anna University, Chennai
Date of Visit25.09.2010

I am able to appreciate the management for their devotion to quality education. They are trying to introduce various new clubs and schemes to bring out the talent of the student which is missing in many of our academic institutions. I congratulate the principal and management for this bold initiative to offer quality in engineering education and also to bring out hidden talents of every student. I wish them continued success in this endeavor.

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